The CAP–a Civic Action Project

It’s the CAP.  The Civic Action Project. 

Below, you’ll find a brief description of each group project, a link to the group’s documentary, and suggestions for how you can get involved.

Shattering Stereotypes

Tess, Dana, Sofie, Lizbeth 

The job fields of science, technology, and computer programming are rapidly expanding, yet the numbers of women pursuing these careers remains dismally low. We hoped to uncover the reasons behind this disparity, and figure out how to enact change here at SRHS.

How to get involved: If you are interested in joining our fight against gender inequality, please visit our website ( We are also holding an event at San Rafael High School on February 27, from 7:00-9:00. There will be inspiring speakers, discussion, and cupcakes!

Jake’s Place Cat Rescue

Alec, Kiki, Jack, Cameron, Liyani

Across the United States, many cats are euthanized due to lack of homes, lack of foster homes, as well as people not spaying and neutering their cats. We worked with Jake’s Place Cat Rescue to help raise awareness about this issue and helped them raise money.

How to get involved: To learn more about how you can get involved go to

Physical and Mental Health at SRHS: Concussions

Andrew, Gina, Alex, Carly, Danny

Investigative piece on concussions and head traumas at San Rafael High School.

How to get involved: Donate to WeAreSR!

Immigration Made This Nation

Vanessa, Olivia, Diana, Rosa, Gabriela

We interviewed members of our school community regarding their immigration stories, and their views on immigration. Our goal is to reveal the common misconceptions of immigration, and to diminish stereotypes by showing the cold, hard truth about it.

How to get involved: Have the conversation with your peers about the actuality of immigration. Don’t jump to conclusions without listening to a story.

Mental Health at SRHS

Cole, Monica, Piper, Sophia, Kylee 

How to get involved: If you want to help improve our mental health resources at San Rafael High School, please contact the school board at (415) 492-3200 and express the importance of providing more funding for therapists and other student programs. Help us obtain the funds we need, thanks!

SRFM 88.1

Bennett, Ariana, Rosie, Justin, Savannah, Joseline

Years ago, the San Rafael High School’s radio program was discontinued. Our job is to create a radio club to restart the program, but this time besides music, it will involve current events, student columns, and more.

How to get involved: You can email Ariana at:

Nutrition At SRHS

Jack, Simon, Sophie, Andy, Walter

For this project, we focused on the nutrition of the foods being offered to the students at SRHS.

How to get involved: You can contact the San Rafael City Schools District offices with your concerns about the nutrition being offered at SRHS.

Davidson Middle School Health Hub

Emily, Teresa, Ryan, Jennifer

Our group wanted to raise the awareness of eating healthy and nutritious food to low income families and students at Davidson Middle School. We investigated extending the “health hub” that is instituted at the middle school.

How to get involved: If you are interested in instituting a “health hub” like the one at Davidson Middle School in your school please contact: LIFT Levantate: (415) 507-1564

Transportation and Pollution

Vanessa, Riley, Jordan, Joseph, Jackson, Saoirse 

Transportation and pollution are large issues in our world, and San Rafael High School is not an exception. Creating carpool spots, electric car charging spots, and getting a crosswalk at our school are a few steps we can take to lower pollution from cars.

How to get involved: Attend the next Site Facilities meeting on March 25th 3:45PM-5PM in the Principal’s Conference room.

Arts on Campus

Natalie, Sophie, Lulu, Ariana, Chris

Our group interviewed SR students and found everyone agreed that there was a lack of art on our campus, so we decided to change this and make an everlasting impact on our school.

How to get involved: If you would like to donate or get more information please email

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