Hard Times in TV Land

Failed investments, dwindling fame, and missed opportunities!  How will the characters of our favorite TV shows use economic principles to solve their dilemmas?


Jordan, Natalie, Justin, Jennifer, Liyani, Gina

The Glee kids use their knowledge of previous spending patterns to get to Nationals!

Baking Bad

Carly, Diana, Ariana S, Joseline, Tess

In order to achieve market dominance, the dynamic duo–Walter and Pinkman–make a capital investment


CSI Marin

Jack, Ariana L, Jack, Andrew, Jackson

Competing Opportunity Costs drive a chef to murder and mayhem.  Can the CSI crew solve the crime?

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Sophie D, Rosie, Emily, Olivia, Ryan

Due to the plummeting value of their fame and fortune, Bruce encourages the family to…budget


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