Student Voices


Collage and Pencil by Sophie M, 2015

 “If I’m being completely honest I wasn’t really thinking of anything when I created this. That has always been my favorite part of art; it allows me a space where I don’t have to think for a while. It’s like daydreaming but with an output.”


“Everything in life is a lesson. I have learned through my good and bad moments that I will not get everything I want easily, but by working for it. The support that I give myself is enough to realize that I have the strength to come out of the little world I live in and be a better person. Coming to the Unites States has been one of the greatest gifts that my parents have given me.I have learned what life and education really are about and who I truly am. Every experience is a lesson, and I need to be grateful to go through those obstacles because that makes me get closer to where I want to be and complete my dream.” Diana M.

“No matter how good or bad you think life is, wake up each day and be Thankful for life. Someone some where else is fighting to survive, and not everybody has the chance and opportunity to learn and see the stuff other people have and are lucky to have.”  Joceline D.

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