MAX Alumni

So many of our former students are doing amazing and inspiring work in the world beyond high school.  Sometimes, it’s difficult for high school students (and their teachers!) to keep a perspective that extends beyond the walls of SRHS.  Here’s a look at some Media Academy eXperience after graduation.


Bonnie Kate Wolf graduated in 2010 and is currently a graphic designer in London, England.  Check out her portfolio at


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Kelsey Brannan graduated in 2007 and currently lives in Washington D.C. Kelsey writes, “As a multimedia producer, I produce compelling multimedia content to help USG programs, NGOs, and businesses build their brands.”  Check out her work at:

Casey Stolberg is currently a senior at Chapman University, majoring in Film Production with an emphasis Cinematography.  You can view his showreel on his website


Emily Packer is currently filming her thesis for her studies at Hampshire College.  She’s titled her studies “Border Studies Via Non Fiction Film”.

You can see her collection of videos on her vimeo page at:

Natasha Sharp is currently studying at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), and is still trying to convince Mr. Temple that MAX students should do an animation project! You can see her RISD portfolio at:


3954700_600x600 Ariel Sinelnikoff’s thesis film, Enceinte, is currently working its way through the festival circuit.  Her production company Lionhearted Productions posts her work to Vimeo, Twitter, and Instagram.



If you’re a former MAX student and would like to post some work, or even advice to our current students, please send it to us!

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