The Look Book

Film making is, in principle, a creative group project.  And, while most students respond really positively to creative opportunities, we consistently notice that student production teams have difficulty developing and sharing a unified vision.  We have production teams work on screenplays, shot plans, AV scripts and storyboards to try to address this. Every year, we tweak the production process, trying to make it more shared, more externalized so that the vision for the end product is communicated.

We tried something new this year in our project ADAPTATION: The Look Book.  Our thinking was this: if students negotiated imagery with one another, they would have to clarify a shared vision before they started more complex pre-production work.  Creating The Look Book forced them to decide how they wanted their film to look and feel. Through the process of locating, identifying and picking pictures, they developed a shared frame of reference that they could return to.  Below are several examples of Look Books for the ADAPTATION project.

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